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Songs from CBGB's, The Bottom Line and

Songs from CBGB’s, The Bottom Line and

March 27, 1979

An interesting departure from the standard presentation of serious music in club settings was the surprise entrance of dancer Daina Shukys toward the end of the set. Exuding sensuality, the dynamic Ms. Shukys, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation… the talent and sincerity of Ms. Shukys and the musicians. Again, Steig has dared to be different, to explore,to probe.

Chuck Berg- Downbeat Magazine

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Jazz Duets LIVE NYC Daina’s Tribe

latest album

latest album


This LIVE audio recording from Cbgb’s of “Voodoo Queen, Dance of the Spirits” features Daina Shukis-vocals, Fred Alias-vocals and drums, Paul Ramsey-bass and Marvin Horne-guitar
The second song is recorded at the Club “Negril” NYC featuring Daina Shukis-lead vocal, Judy Niemack-back up vocals, Jeremy Steig-flute, Bill Washer-guitar, Jeff Young-keyboards, Chip Jackson-bass and Kamal Zabir-drums

Mirage of the Mirrors Jazz/avantgarde

Dear Jeremy Steig,

On behalf of JAZZ FORUM, the magazine of the International Jazz Federation, I would like to congradulate you on being voted the world’s top flutist in our 16th annual international 1982 JF Top People Poll….

Keep swinging,

Pawel Brodowski, Editor-in-Chief

 The use of the different, even exotic instruments to support the flute playing is very nice.  I am definitely into this song so far, and think that the production value is quite fantastic. The skill of the flutist is apparent, and is well displayed.”

Daina’s Forest Dance on Lake George in the Adirondacks

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FREE JAZZ/blues song LIVE from CBGB’s

JAZZ/blues/POP Daina Shukis-vocals, Butch Cambell-guitar, Paul Ramsey-bass, Lee Finklestein-drums

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I like the sound of this now. The live-lounge sweet electric guitar at the very beginning of the song sounds pretty good. Then the introduction with the woman singing and the beat of those sweet drums! Whoa this is pretty good track! Oh god, that sweet bass too I can’t believe I missed that too! Forgive me, the bass player of this song. Anyway, I live the fact that there’s no chorus to this song, just a solo of instrumentals. Especially that sweet bass, man. That bass solo is just brilliant. Then the intro of the vocals again. The low tone of the bass, the high guitar and vocals, plus the sweet beat of the drums compliment each other better than the colors of the American flag. And wow, that ending too, that was live?! that was amazing, that was definitely a 10/10 and I’ve only ever given a 10/10 once before, to a track much similar to this, sweet bass and sweet instrumentals. Anyhow, 10/10 well played! (review of” Movie Show”)


The prelude of the song the presence of the rhythms and blues of the guitar combined with the accompaniment sets the tone for the artists voice. The songs melody speaks volumes of a live band at a chic and hip bar. Recommended for all music lovers! (crowd review of” Movie Show”)


. The vocals are so distinctive and rich that they just give you this wonderful and amazing feeling once the singer, starts to sing. The lyrics are so original and amusing that they make you think a lot about, what the message of the song is. The instrumental is very balanced and varied because it has all this different types of instruments playing in the background. The artist is very professional and creative once it comes to hitting the high notes.  (crowd review of “Movie Show”)


Like that increadible, lead gootar, sondes kinda jazy, I could here the instuments, seperaly, and very clear , the beat starts slow and picks up, at a faster beat, the rhythem, is good , this track could deafently be a hit great qualitie song, (crowd  review of” Movie Show”)

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