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Buy LinkTHE FIRST TIME I SAW YOU SINGLE COVER 1400x1400MOVIE SHOW SINGLE COVER REVISED 1400X1400VOODOO QUEEN SINGLE REVISED 8-19-14 1000 X 1000LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT 1400x1400like the sound of this now. The live-lounge sweet electric guitar at the very beginning of the song sounds pretty good. Then the introduction with the woman singing and the beat of those sweet drums! Whoa this is pretty good track! Oh god, that sweet bass too I can’t believe I missed that too! Forgive me, the bass player of this song. Anyway, I live the fact that there’s no chorus to this song, just a solo of instrumentals. Especially that sweet bass, man. That bass solo is just brilliant. Then the intro of the vocals again. The low tone of the bass, the high guitar and vocals, plus the sweet beat of the drums compliment each other better than the colors of the American flag. And wow, that ending too, that was live?! that was amazing, that was definitely a 10/10 and I’ve only ever given a 10/10 once before, to a track much similar to this, sweet bass and sweet instrumentals. Anyhow, 10/10 well played! (review of” Movie Show”)
November 24, 2013 crowd review – Reverbnation
Love the sound of the flute,the texture of it is very much like jethro tull.The very 70’s sounding vocal production and the prog rock styled drum energy makes this sound very striking.The overall tone this carries is very psychadelic,love the way the singer adds vibrato,very avant garde.The bands direction is fresh,lots of influences from the early 70’s here ,from hawkwind to jethro to a slightly anarchic streak,so eclectic.The flute sounds great combines with this singers voice. (review of “News Rap”)
The prelude of the song the presence of the rhythms and blues of the guitar combined with the accompaniment sets the tone for the artists voice. The songs melody speaks volumes of a live band at a chic and hip bar. Recommended for all music lovers! (crowd review of” Movie Show”)

To me the melodies at the beginning of the song are just so tuneful and interesting that actually make you want to listen more of the song. The vocals are so distinctive and rich that they just give you this wonderful and amazing feeling once the singer, starts to sing. The lyrics are so original and amusing that they make you think a lot about, what the message of the song is. The instrumental is very balanced and varied because it has all this different types of instruments playing in the background. The artist is very professional and creative once it comes to hitting the high notes. (crowd review of “Movie Show”)

Like that increadible, lead gootar, sondes kinda jazy, I could here the instuments, seperaly, and very clear , the beat starts slow and picks up, at a faster beat, the rhythem, is good , this track could deafently be a hit great qualitie song, (crowd review of” Movie Show”)

November 24, 2013 crowd review – Reverbnation

Grove on! Here is a cool song with a soul, it makes me feel like I am listening to a indian mix with a touch of african, very mysterious beats and the amazing touches of bells and drums. This is a very special song, that you want to listen when you are trying to get some creativity or inspiration to make something. The theatrical voice of the singer is very special and mystical, she is passionate and have very good vibrations and tones that make you vibrate and relax. It sounds like a religious song that will bless you and inspire you to rebirth and travel into heaven. The arrangements are great, they know how to play the instruments and put them in the right place and on the right layer. This band knows what they are doing, I can assure that they will have a success in the crowd when they play their heavenly music. I like to hear more of this spiritual music! (review of “Voodoo Queen”
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