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November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Deja Vu” – Reverbnation
“The bass line and the drums almost remind me of jazz while the guitar line makes me think of 1970’s rock and roll. This is clearly a song done by musicians who put time and energy into creating a song. The drums leave just enough space to let the rest of the instruments do their thing. The way the song changes feelings so effortlessly is astounding. Amazing song!”
November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Love Light” – Reverbnation

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“Great introduction to this bluesy song – loved the guitar solo – very talented artists. Brilliant slow and easy build up as a
typical blues song and then moves into a funky, upbeat tempo with drums, guitars. Excellent steady rhythm, great
combination of instruments – strong vocals that are well accompanied to the instruments – would like to hear more of this

November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Love Light” – Reverbnation
“This music opens with a very good guitar rendition which is very pleasing to the ear. The music is in the style of reggae. This musical composition is appropriate for the south or western part of the United States. In spots, the music alternates to a tango mode of dancing. Toward the end, a soloist chimes in with a lot of feeling in the presentation. The soundtrack is well done with the voice clear to the audience. The audio engineering is done well too.”
November 06, 2014 crowd review of “Voodoo Queen, Dance of the Spirits” – Reverbnation
“This song had a lot of drive to it in my honest opinion. I really do lol foreword to hearing more songs like this come out of
the woodworks. The element to this song I think I enjoyed most was the way the song had so much care and compassion in
the lyrics. I do think that this song had so much more than what other pop songs have to offer these days.”

November 06, 2014 crowd review of “Voodoo Queen, Dance of the Spirits” – Reverbnation
This track has a nice jazzy style intro. The vocalist combine to use their voices to make amazing sounds. The female vocalist has a strong powerful voice. While the male voices is great at improvising sounds. The speaking singing style works well against this jazzy backdrop. There are several styles of beat in this track. I the reggae and jazz blend. This is track is quite unique but it will be appreciated by music lovers.

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