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this is a great sound makes you wanna stomp in your boots. i find this song taking you back when music was good. i find this artist is strong and monstrous when it comes from this fantastic vocal skills she has. she hits out standing pitches with no problems. now this is real music. i feel she is the next shelia E. the music that is behind this artist is just great i love the solo of the guitar it is the right fit to this great hit. i find that this song has to bring new funk and style to a forgotten music timeline. i find that this artist really has taken time to design and profoundly improve music itself. this is a great great song and it should be acknowledged immediately.
( review of “Cruise Control”) Pop, prog rock, jazz, adult contemporaryREVISED SINGLE COVER CRUISE CONTROL 8-19-14 1400 X 1400

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VOODOO QUEEN SINGLE REVISED 8-19-14 1000 X 1000Come out out to Shag Radio


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