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333333-R1-05-6 me and  PaulReview of “Drive In”

“The drum hits in the intro carried the song. I loved how the additional instruments came in together to support the drums and then your vocal came in and just swept me away. Your voice had such nice high registers that you hit naturally. Falsettos were hit with such power and skill here. The back up vocals were layered directly underneath the main vocals in perfection. The lyrics were very engaging and perfect music to dance to. Almost similar to old school disco music back in the day, talking about “the drive in”. I especially loved the bass. It was nice and deep sounding without clouding up the song. I could hear and feel every thumb stroke to my core. This bass guitar was truly the character in your song. The tempo was well kept with this and the drums, that created such a nice solid groove. The melody was so intricately molded together and completely consumed me. Lovely melodic tones that worked together to create such an ambient song. Such luxurious rich tones evident here from every instrument to your voice. Confident performance all around. Very lovely to listen to.”

“Wow! This jazzy intro is really great! And the bass line is super.

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Click here for Daina’s station on Pandora with other exotic sounds from Brasil, France, Great Britain and the US, new and old standards make for a relaxing inventive station you could listen to all day long.

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