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LIVE audio from Soundscape with Jeremy Steig and CBGB’s power trio

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Lovely Press Release from Jazz Network Worldwide for Daina and the Tribe

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An interesting departure from the standard presentation of serious music in club settings was the surprise entrance of dancer Daina Shukys toward the end of the set. Exuding sensuality, the dynamic Ms. Shukys, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation

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Radio sheet and promo for Daina Shukis and the Tribe Jazz, fusion, rock, reggae


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New Album Daina and the Tribe Smooth and Jazzy POP, Rock, JAZZ

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A compilation album of best material with a new twist and high quality audio as well as new songs fresh out of the studio

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Vocalist Daina Shukis Promotes Her Vintage Musical Catalogue With Collaborations From An Array Of Jazz Masters

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Jazz Network Worldwide) Daina Shukis is an international entertainment veteran whose relationships with musical masterminds throughout her career has resulted in some classic live recordings from some of the most noted venues in New York City ie. the Bottom Line and CBGB’s. The trilogy of music being shared are Daina and the Tribe LIVE at “Soundscape with Jeremy Steig and CBGB’s power trio, Daina and the Tribe “On a Jungle Boat Ride” and “Mystic Rendezvous” instrumental.” Clear vocal tones over textures of complex rhythms, finger cymbals add an ancient world ethnic flavor to some songs. Dania is known for composing her own musical and vocal accompaniment for her choreography and since dancing was an integral part of her shows, space to develop improvisational climax was part of the musical structure.
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“Here is a cool song with a soul, it makes me feel like I am listening to a Indian mix with a touch of African, very mysterious beats and the amazing touches of bells and drums. This is a very special song, that you want to listen when you are trying to get some creativity or inspiration to make something. The theatrical voice of the singer is very special and mystical, she is passionate and have very good vibrations and tones that make you vibrate and relax. It sounds like a religious song that will bless you and inspire you to rebirth and travel into heaven.” (Review from Reverbnation)
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‘The Independent Music Show’ 29/08/2015.

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Daina Shukis Thank you so much for your support and airplay! luv your attitudes!!

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333333-R1-05-6 me and  PaulReview of “Drive In”

“The drum hits in the intro carried the song. I loved how the additional instruments came in together to support the drums and then your vocal came in and just swept me away. Your voice had such nice high registers that you hit naturally. Falsettos were hit with such power and skill here. The back up vocals were layered directly underneath the main vocals in perfection. The lyrics were very engaging and perfect music to dance to. Almost similar to old school disco music back in the day, talking about “the drive in”. I especially loved the bass. It was nice and deep sounding without clouding up the song. I could hear and feel every thumb stroke to my core. This bass guitar was truly the character in your song. The tempo was well kept with this and the drums, that created such a nice solid groove. The melody was so intricately molded together and completely consumed me. Lovely melodic tones that worked together to create such an ambient song. Such luxurious rich tones evident here from every instrument to your voice. Confident performance all around. Very lovely to listen to.”

“Wow! This jazzy intro is really great! And the bass line is super.

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