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5 avant garde impressionist pieces Daina Shukis plays synthesizer Jeremy Steig-flute, Eddie Gomez-bass, Ray Mantilla-percussion

Flute, bass and percussion introductions lead into excerpts of piano pieces from the impressionist and romantic era played on synthesizer with flute overlay. This creates a delightful collage inspiring a woodland walk, steep mountain trail or antique muse

from DJ Revrend
John West Coast Radio

flute, up right bass, percussion, cello…

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my grandma’s hat on for my vintage looks

Daina Shukis and Jeremy Steig at CBGB’s

At JP’s NYC a LA Carnival
Daina Shukis

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“There’s a beautiful flute sound playing progressive jazz changes on a mode. Then a sweet voice enters. The sound has no rhythm. It’s spacey. Now the guitar comes in with the drums playing some funk with a incredibly fly bass. The vocalist is singing “chica chica boo” I like the bass, drums and guitar. The singer is scatting and singing going slowly down stream. Her upper register is remarkable. This is Funk Jazz.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “Jungle Boat Ride” – Reverbnation
“Beautiful intro… Very atmospheric… Vocals are amazing, very different but very captivating… I could see this song being sampled for a hit hip hop beat… Very groovy, the bass line/drum rhythm is driving and VERY funky! Maybe a little more lyrics and a little less notes, but overall I love this song! I may just go a head an sample it haha! You guys get a 10/10 from me!”

November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Deja Vu” – Reverbnation
“The bass line and the drums almost remind me of jazz while the guitar line makes me think of 1970’s rock and roll. This is clearly a song done by musicians who put time and energy into creating a song. The drums leave just enough space to let the rest of the instruments do their thing. The way the song changes feelings so effortlessly is astounding. Amazing song!”
November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Love Light” – Reverbnation

“Great introduction to this bluesy song – loved the guitar solo – very talented artists. Brilliant slow and easy build up as a
typical blues song and then moves into a funky, upbeat tempo with drums, guitars. Excellent steady rhythm, great
combination of instruments – strong vocals that are well accompanied to the instruments – would like to hear more of this

Mirage of the Mirrors Daina Shukis, Jeremy Steig, Eddie Gomez Avantgarde, Jazz, Classical Impressionist


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7th St Boudoir Daina Shukis/ JeremySteig/Eddie Gomez Classical Jazz


Dear Jeremy Steig,

On behalf of JAZZ FORUM, the magazine of the International Jazz Federation, I would like to congradulate you on being voted the world’s top flutist in our 16th annual international 1982 JF Top People Poll….

Keep swinging,

Pawel Brodowski, Editor-in-Chief

Daina Shukys toward the end of the set. Exuding sensuality, the dynamic Ms. Shukys, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation… the talent and sincerity of Ms. Shukys and the musicians. Again, Steig has dared to be different, to explore,to probe.

Chuck Berg- Downbeat magazine

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avant garde, classical, jazz, romantic era

Chant of the Wode, New age, avantgarde, jazz, percussion

Daina and Jeremy

Daina and Jeremy

“Chant Of The Wode” recorded at Jimmy Madison Studio Daina Shukis-vocals, Jeremy Steig-flute, Dan Wall-piano, Ray Mantilla-percussion avantgarde, Jazz, New Age
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