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Last night Reverend Saint John Last night on the DJ Reverend Saint John of West Coast Radio played Daina and the Tribe mentioning Daina Shukis as a pretty, sultry singer from the East Coast several times with a voice drop of her introducing the band. He was hilarious interjecting his own comments at the end of the seductive song Cruise Control. He played Sex Goddess prior to his show, then The First Time I Saw You, Baby (a cover of Adrian Guillery’s song previous guitarist and singer in Jeremy and the Satyrs) as well as Love Potion a live cut from Soundscape NYC featuring Jeremy Steig. I was thrilled and deeply grateful for the Rev’s support and exposure!! come out to his station also my wordpress site – See more at:


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Pop, Cbgb’s band

Daina and the Tribe aired on West Coast Radio Rock

Come out to the awesome station West Coast Radio requestDEJA VU SINGLE COVER 1400x1400SEX GODDESS SINGLE COVER 1400x1400.jpg Dej Vu and Sex Goddess by Daina and the Tribe listen for the Ministry of Rock  

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Daina and the Tribe aired on Pop, prog rock, Jazz

VOODOO QUEEN SINGLE REVISED 8-19-14 1000 X 1000Come out out to Shag Radio


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“Jungle Boat Ride” by Daina and the Tribe NY music scene, Jazz, Pop, alternative,

JUNGLE BOAT RIDE 1400x1400Buy all albums and singles at this link   jazz, rock, pop, funk

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“Poison Doll” reverbnation review jazz,pop, NY music scene, alternative

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POISON DOLL SINGLE COVER 1400x1400November 17, 2014 Reverbnation crowd review of “Poison Doll” – Reverbnation
Interesting musical composition to start out. The flute sound is being performed really well as it feeds into some almost screaming sound effects. Moving into the drum set and the vocalist begins singing performing the vocals well…alternative sounding music I like to listen to when I want a break from the mainstream music.
November 17, 2014 Reverbnation crowd review of “Poison Doll” – Reverbnation
A very interesting song with a jam type feel to it. They vocals are in a different language, they are delivered passionately and very much melodically. There is a good flute solo in the latter half of the song, which continues the jam quality of the song. This is a live version and it’s delivered very beautifully.
jazz ,pop, alternative NY music scene

This new mix has a voice box guitar overdub by Jim Morris of Morrisound Tampa, FL.

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Daina and Kamal Zabir

Daina and Kamal Zabir

November 21, 2013 crowd review – Reverbnation
I can really catch the beat on this song! I love the introduction. The artist is incredible and her tone is just amazing. The song is not coarse or dull. Its very catchy. It makes me want to dance. The tone is very mellow and warm. The structure of the song is also very well balanced. The dynamics of the song is the perfect balance of powerful. Its not too strong, it’s just perfect! (review of Sex Goddess)

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