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jazz. pop, avantgarde, R&B

“There’s a beautiful flute sound playing progressive jazz changes on a mode. Then a sweet voice enters. The sound has no rhythm. It’s spacey. Now the guitar comes in with the drums playing some funk with a incredibly fly bass. The vocalist is singing “chica chica boo” I like the bass, drums and guitar. The singer is scatting and singing going slowly down stream. Her upper register is remarkable. This is Funk Jazz.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “Jungle Boat Ride” – Reverbnation
“Beautiful intro… Very atmospheric… Vocals are amazing, very different but very captivating… I could see this song being sampled for a hit hip hop beat… Very groovy, the bass line/drum rhythm is driving and VERY funky! Maybe a little more lyrics and a little less notes, but overall I love this song! I may just go a head an sample it haha! You guys get a 10/10 from me!”

November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Deja Vu” – Reverbnation
“The bass line and the drums almost remind me of jazz while the guitar line makes me think of 1970’s rock and roll. This is clearly a song done by musicians who put time and energy into creating a song. The drums leave just enough space to let the rest of the instruments do their thing. The way the song changes feelings so effortlessly is astounding. Amazing song!”
November 05, 2014 crowd review of “Love Light” – Reverbnation

“Great introduction to this bluesy song – loved the guitar solo – very talented artists. Brilliant slow and easy build up as a
typical blues song and then moves into a funky, upbeat tempo with drums, guitars. Excellent steady rhythm, great
combination of instruments – strong vocals that are well accompanied to the instruments – would like to hear more of this

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Daina and Kamal Zabir

Daina and Kamal Zabir

November 21, 2013 crowd review – Reverbnation
I can really catch the beat on this song! I love the introduction. The artist is incredible and her tone is just amazing. The song is not coarse or dull. Its very catchy. It makes me want to dance. The tone is very mellow and warm. The structure of the song is also very well balanced. The dynamics of the song is the perfect balance of powerful. Its not too strong, it’s just perfect! (review of Sex Goddess)

R&B, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Fusion

Cbgb’s Daina and the Tribe R&B, Jazz POP

LIVE from Cbgb’s Daina Shukis-vocal, Butch Cambell-guitar, Paul Ramsey-bass, Lee Finklestein-drums R&B, Jazz, POP


“Wow! This jazzy intro is really great! And the bass line is super catchy. I’m really feeling a throwback vibe, which is awesome and hard to truly capture in today’s society! Nice work on the overall feel! Even the lyrics are reminiscent of “old school” jazz/funk and are really appropriate for the style. All voices are perfectly on pitch and jive well together. Blending is good. All instrumental solos and interludes are so much fun. I’d come to your concert.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “Drive In’ – Reverbnation
“The drum, bass and guitar is great, like James Brown’s band. I like the way the voice goes into the high register. This is authentic funky soul music. The echo on the voice is appreciated. She’s saying “you can be my popcorn man at the drive in.” It’s great nostalgia. She’s talking about the Drive In Movies, for all of you who may not understand. It’s a live recording, as you can hear people applauding.”
R&B, Jazz, POP
“Potent song. The singing has an outstanding unity. The absolutely brisk percussion strategy maintained by the track was fun with its nifty, abstract contrast. The phrasing of this track was wonderful and the mellowness of the rhythm was remarkably rugged and dynamic. The action of the interlude was remarkable and the inspirational approach used by this song was great. The rhythm grows gracefully and the tune is really solidly exceptional. It was both otherworldly and original and the song had a very refined synth approach. A contemplative song that has good introspection.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “The First Time I Saw You Baby – Reverbnation
“the sound of the music seems to sneak up on you. the beat and the compelling music is very full. the tune at hande here is crafty and together, a well blended instrumental arrangement. this singer has creativity in here voice, she playus the words to this song. has a very attractive a personable voice. makes her performance very strong, shows a talented and gifted touch in this song.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “The First Time I Saw You Baby –
“The lyrics to the song were quite original and thought-provoking. The lead vocal singer had a powerful voice that really delivered. The lyrics to the song were punchy and gave meaning to the overall song. The instrumental was beautifully played and the song is ready for mainstream media.”

December 31, 2013 crowd review of “Letter to the President” – Reverbnation
“Loving the snare hits that brings in the full beat! The clarinet/flute sounds is truly Celtic. The femal

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JAZZ/blues/POP Daina Shukis-vocals, Butch Cambell-guitar, Paul Ramsey-bass, Lee Finklestein-drums

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I like the sound of this now. The live-lounge sweet electric guitar at the very beginning of the song sounds pretty good. Then the introduction with the woman singing and the beat of those sweet drums! Whoa this is pretty good track! Oh god, that sweet bass too I can’t believe I missed that too! Forgive me, the bass player of this song. Anyway, I live the fact that there’s no chorus to this song, just a solo of instrumentals. Especially that sweet bass, man. That bass solo is just brilliant. Then the intro of the vocals again. The low tone of the bass, the high guitar and vocals, plus the sweet beat of the drums compliment each other better than the colors of the American flag. And wow, that ending too, that was live?! that was amazing, that was definitely a 10/10 and I’ve only ever given a 10/10 once before, to a track much similar to this, sweet bass and sweet instrumentals. Anyhow, 10/10 well played! (review of” Movie Show”)


The prelude of the song the presence of the rhythms and blues of the guitar combined with the accompaniment sets the tone for the artists voice. The songs melody speaks volumes of a live band at a chic and hip bar. Recommended for all music lovers! (crowd review of” Movie Show”)


. The vocals are so distinctive and rich that they just give you this wonderful and amazing feeling once the singer, starts to sing. The lyrics are so original and amusing that they make you think a lot about, what the message of the song is. The instrumental is very balanced and varied because it has all this different types of instruments playing in the background. The artist is very professional and creative once it comes to hitting the high notes.  (crowd review of “Movie Show”)


Like that increadible, lead gootar, sondes kinda jazy, I could here the instuments, seperaly, and very clear , the beat starts slow and picks up, at a faster beat, the rhythem, is good , this track could deafently be a hit great qualitie song, (crowd  review of” Movie Show”)

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